The Ambassadors

Youth Talks is first and foremost an initiative for and by the youth, empowering them to actively promote their voices on a global scale. In pursuit of this goal, we established the Youth Talks Ambassador Program. 

Since October 2022, 2,300 enthusiastic young people from across the globe have volunteered and become Youth Talks ambassadors.

Their responsibilities encompass:

  • Advocating for the initiative within their communities by discussing it with their families, friends, and community, including academic, organizational, and professional networks.
  • Inspiring fellow young individuals to participate in the consultation.
  • Organizing events and activities centered on the topics raised by young people during the consultation.
  • Actively participating and engaging in the Youth Talks Ambassadors Community.

Becoming a Youth Talks ambassador

Being a Youth Talks ambassador means : 

  • Joining a global community of like-minded young individuals committed to taking action and amplifying the voice of their generation. 
  • Participating in meetings and engaging with members of the worldwide Youth Talks community, fostering valuable exchanges.
  • Gaining an enriching experience that will benefit you in the future. You’ll develop skills in community management and activity facilitation that can be applied to both your academic and professional pursuits.
  • Making an investment aligned with your capabilities and schedule.

How to join?

Fill out the form

Receive the confirmation email and informational content

Join the facebook group

Start your journey as a Youth Talks ambassador

By joining the Youth Talks ambassador network, you become part of an international community of over 2,300 young people. 

You will also develop your skills and foster youth empowerment to become the leaders of tomorrow.


We have organized online training courses to help ambassadors improve their skills in specific areas (communication, public speaking). This empowers them and supports them in their day-to-day actions. 


Challenges were launched to encourage them to take action :

  • Street interview
  • Posting about Youth Talks on their social media account
  • Answering: which topics matter the most to you?
  • Making Youth Talks more known to others 


The ambassadors organized some activities in their communities : 

  • Creating a  stand to encourage people to participate
  • Conversation workshop: discuss issues related to the consultation questions
  • Creativity workshop: create an artistic work on the themes of the consultation


Joining the Youth Talks ambassador community means becoming part of an international community of committed young people from all over the world. You will be able to exchange ideas in the various Youth Talks groups and meet new people.