Youth Talks on A.I

The Global Youth Conversation on Artificial Intelligence

The Global Youth Conversation on A.I.

Welcome to the world of A.I, where your voice matters!

Join us on this new journey to determine AI’s role in your life, whether you’re a promoter or detractor of AI, here is the place to explore and discuss key themes that will forge your future.

You have a say about AI and Education, Wellbeing or Environment? Now is the time to express it and advocate for your generation. 

Redefining learning: A.I's impact in Education

As we step into the future, crafting a balanced and innovative educational landscape becomes crucial.

Ensuring universal access to educational resources and promote the diffusion of knowledge worldwide, while wisely exploiting the technical and pedagogical potential of AI, appears to be an absolute must.

How could AI tools like ChatGPT, Mistral and JotBot revolutionize the way we learn?

Unlocking the future: A.I's impact on Well-being

Imagine a world where AI is able to run your life with complete transparency, orchestrating your health, happiness, work and relationships with unequaled precision. Can you imagine? Well, hold onto that thought because this captivating future is closer than you think.

Embrace the future where groundbreaking AI tools are not just tools, but allies in your journey towards physical strength, mental clarity, and professional success. Let’s explore the transformative power AI holds over our well-being.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI and revolutionize your life?

Pleading sustainability: A.I's impact for the Planet

As we face unprecedented environmental challenges, AI offers new solutions to overcome the current situation and envision a brighter future. 

From climate modeling to tracking endangered species, AI technologies are redefining conservation and sustainability efforts. 

As we navigate at the intersection of technology and ecology, how can AI be harnessed in ways that are responsible for preserving our planet’s future?

Why participate to Youth Talks on A.I?

Passionate about AI or newbie, the Youth Talks Conversation on AI is for everyone.
Seize the opportunity to share your opinion, frustrations, concerns or objections on AI!  

You are eager to expand your knowledge and enhance your communication and debate skills?
You are itching to become a persuasive voice in the conversation around AI, whether it’s advocating for its benefits or raising concerns about its drawbacks?
You crave the opportunity to engage with others, exchange ideas, and make your voice heard loud and clear?
Well, guess what? The time is now! Join us and let your voice resonate!

On behalf of this open Conversation, the Youth Talks core team commits to share the results of our analysis in the upcoming Youth Talks Manifesto on AI and organise a public presentation of the results. 

We are committed to dig into every single contribution you make about AI.
Our goal? To give your thoughts the spotlight they deserve, and to lay it all out for the powers that be, loud and clear.