Ambassadors' activities

Going one step beyond

Our Youth Talks ambassadors are encouraged to actively involve their communities and champion youth engagement within them. To accomplish this, they have the opportunity to coordinate events and activities as part of the broader global Youth Talks project.

How does it work?

As a Youth Talks ambassador :

  • You choose the type of activities you want to organise according to your availability and what interests you most:
    • The street interview interview passers-by and/or people around you and ask them the questions of the consultation
    • The stand: setting up a stand at an event or in a busy place to disseminate information about the process and encourage people to participate
    • Conversation workshop: bringing together participants and having them collectively discuss one or more issues related to the consultation questions
    • Creativity workshop: bringing together participants to create an artistic work (text, fresco, etc.) on the themes of the consultation – let your imagination run wild
  • You get all the tips you need to organise your activities with the Youth Talks Activity Kit
  •  You spread the word to recruit as many participants as possible
  •  After organising your activity, you report on the collected contributions here.


If you have any questions, you can write to: [email protected]

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