Youth Talks on A.I

The Largest Ever Youth Conversation on A.I.

Perspectives of more than 5,000 Young People on A.I. for our Society

For five weeks, from April 2 to May 6, young people from around the world gathered on the Youth Talks on A.I. platform to discuss the role of A.I. in education, well-being, and the environment.

The debate, rich with contributions, attracted over 1,000 registrants to the platform. Faced with captivating dilemmas on these three themes, participants actively mobilized to express their opinions on the following topics:

A.I. in Education

With AI tools becoming a part of the education system, it’s important to talk about the impact it is set to have in this field in the upcoming years.

A.I. & Well-being

As AI tools are starting to manage people’s lives, what impacts will they have on all aspects of our well-being in the future ?

A.I. & The Planet

 As we face unprecedented environmental challenges, AI offers a beacon of hope. But what does this mean for our planet’s future? 

Participants to the Initiative
Participants to the Debate
Insights collected

Youth Talks on A.I Manifesto

“As torchbearers of tomorrow, we, the youth, advocate for Artificial Intelligence (AI) that amplifies the good in society, not the excess.”

Youth Talks on A.I's Special Partners

Youth Talks on A.I was scoped with and is supported by bluenove and The Good Project – a project of the Project Zero research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.