Youth Talks on AI: Shaping a Future of A.I. for and by the Youth

In an age marked by relentless technological progress, the omnipresence of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in our daily lives has become an undeniable reality. Acknowledging the significance of involving the younger generation in conversations about the implications of A.I., Youth Talks on A.I. emerges as a beacon of forward-thinking discourse.

Far from being just another digital platform, Youth Talks on A.I. represents a dynamic forum crafted to amplify the voices of the youth. This initiative aspires to foster a global dialogue transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.


The largest youth conversation on A.I




April, 8th to May, 5th

At the heart of this digital deliberation lie pivotal inquiries: How do today’s youth perceive the role of A.I. in our society? What hopes or apprehensions do they harbor regarding these transformative technologies? And crucially, how do they envision the integration of generative A.I. into their evolving lifestyles?

Exploring A.I.'s Impact in Education, Wellbeing and for the Planet.

The Youth Talks digital debate orchestrates a truly global conversation that transcends mere technological contemplation. Harnessing cutting-edge A.I. technology, the online forum will sift through discussions, distilling nuanced viewpoints from over 1,000 young individuals and consolidating them into actionable insights.

Fundamentally, Youth Talks on A.I. endeavors to capture the insights, apprehensions, and aspirations of young minds aged 15 to 29 concerning the future trajectory of A.I. in Education, Well-being and its potential in addressing environmental challenges. Each week, a curated array of expert video posts, probing questions, and in-depth articles will catalyze profound exploration into various facets of the subject matter, urging participants to engage in critical and comprehensive thinking.

Topics to Explore:

  • A.I. in Education: Delve into the transformative impact of A.I. tools like ChatGPT, Mistral, and JotBot on the future of education.
  • A.I. & Well-being: Discuss how A.I. influences health, happiness, work, and collective well-being, and its implications for our lives.
  • A.I. for The Planet: Explore the role of A.I. in addressing environmental challenges, from climate modeling to wildlife conservation.

Inclusive Dialogue, Global Reach

What distinguishes Youth Talks on A.I. is its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Irrespective of background, expertise, or geographic location, every voice is not only valued but actively heard. Through an intuitive, multilingual interface, participants can connect with peers across the globe, enriching discussions with a multitude of viewpoints.

Shaping Tomorrow's Technological Landscape

Moreover, Youth Talks on A.I. doesn’t conclude with mere conversation; it strives for tangible impact. By consolidating the insights and perspectives shared by participants, the initiative intends to draft a comprehensive report and manifesto encapsulating the collective vision of youth regarding the future of A.I. This document will serve as a guiding beacon, influencing policymakers and organizations to align their strategies with the needs and aspirations of the younger generation.

With Youth Talks on A.I., the voices of tomorrow’s leaders stand poised to sculpt the trajectory of technological advancement, ensuring that A.I. not only serves as a tool for innovation but also emerges as a force for positive societal change.

How to participate

You are between 15 and 29 and are eager to shape the future of A.I ?

What to expect on the platform?

  • 🔍 Step 1: Engage with 8 thought-provoking Dilemmatic Questions to ease into the subject of A.I and its influence on our 3 themes.
  • 🗣️ Step 2: Register to our platform and join our open conversation where you can share your thoughts and debate with other young people around the world – in any language, with automatic translation support.

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