Creativity challenge : our ambassadors share what matters the most to them.

In March, our ambassadors distinguished themselves with their imagination and creative flair. They took up the challenge we had given them : share the topics that matter the most to them in an artistic way. Today, we share with you their projects.

Congratulations to Luna Dasu, Blanchard Bosey, Carlos Mampembe and LinaSaada-Khelkhal. for winning the challenge. 🎉

Reminder : one of the key components of theYouth Talks consultation is its advocacy program. For the past 7 months we have been recruiting young people around the world to help us promote our initiative and helping us to reach out to even more young people within their communities. To better accompany our ambassadors, give them the tools of take on their new role and help them acquire new skills, we completed our advocacy program with training sessions, toolkits, and challenges.

The winners' projects

Our ambassadors' projects

Credit: photo de Soundtrap sur Unsplash

Blanchard Bosey - Drawing & quote

“I am young. I have the right to education, for that I want peace in my country to go to school … “

For a sustainable future, young people have the right to environmental education and to the country which are the key leading to other SDGs.

Lina Saada-Khelkhal - Planet Earth

Magreth Thomas - Youth, Time with friends, Health & happiness,

Tolul Alao - Keep Digging

Do you know what it means by “keep digging”? Many treasures are still hidden and yet to be unleashed in men. The grave still remains the richest place on earth because many potentials never got discovered nor developed and men died with them.

Do you also want to die with those potentials not unleashed? This is unfulfillment. So, keep digging because a lot of treasures of potentials are in you that need to be discovered and developed. The world awaits you because we know that you are enough. So don’t be under-estimated, rise up and find your value, add value to yourself and maximize your value.

Keep digging is your art of love to the world. Never quit because this is not your best but your beginning as you are in a journey to be processed to become more than gold, a treasure that is priceless. We love your impact and will love your impact because we know that it is an art of love that is beyond an act.

Your’s Sincerely,


T Adora - Every race matter and The earth is in our hands