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Current educational models are no longer suited to the challenges you, the young, are facing. These historical models are based on (and often convey) values which no longer make sense to your generation. We are proposing to develop and promote new models of higher education so that you can acquire the education which matches your aspirations, enabling you to shape a more sustainable world of tomorrow, a future world which belongs to you.

To achieve this, we need you above everything else. We need to listen to you, to understand what your challenges are, what your dreams are, and what kind of societies you want to build both today and tomorrow.

We’re launching the world's largest youth consultation:

Youth Talks continually gives you a voice year after year, asking open-ended questions which do not limit your ideas.

Youth Talks gives you the opportunity to express yourself, to be heard and to discuss all the issues which are important to you.

Youth Talks offers you a platform to imagine a new world, one which breaks with the past...because we know that you’re part of the solution!

Youth Talks dedicates a dynamic, open-access online platform to you, where your aspirations are shared with the world.

Youth Talks puts you in a position of strength to guide us, so that together we can construct new models of education by and for young people around the world.

The education of today is the world of tomorrow.

We’re ready to learn from you!

Why participate?

> To make your voice heard as a young world citizen and express your expectations and ambitions

> To participate in an international initiative in order to reconceptualise tomorrow's education models

> To ask yourself new questions about the future que tu ne t’es jamais posées qui peuvent participer à ton développement personnel

> rencontrer d’autres jeunes the role you want to play in tomorrow's world

> To learn from others but also about yourself

Youth Talks commits to support reforestation worldwide! Every 10 people responding to Youth Talks, we will finance the planting of 1 tree to help restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

trees planted

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